Hack Title and Spion Mode New

Hack Title and Spion Mode New

Senin, 20 September 2010

Ammo+WallShot+Alt-Tab No DC+Misi Mayor PB 16092010 Cheat PointBlank Unlimited Ammo+Granat+Wallshot+Alt-Tab No DC+Misi Mayor

Jenis File : RAR
Isi : Injextor + DLL
Password : No Pass
Fungsi :
-Unlimited Ammo (On)
-Alt-Tab No DC
-Misi Mayor (F1)

Download Unlimited Ammo By Zenix tgl 16092010 (ammo+misi mayor+alt-tab) :

Download Wallshot By Zenix tgl 16092010 (wallshot+misi mayor+alt-tab) :

cara Pakai :
Jalankan PB, jangan di start -> Check dulu.
Jalankan kedua injector (jika ingin aktif semua fiturnya atau pilih salah satu saja yang mau di inject ammo atau wallshot) Baru start PB nya.

Kredit To ZENIX Snutz

by:ardi van

Jonita - Zenix 17092010 - 16092010 Cheat PB Robot+Hack Title+Topeng 16 september 2010

Ammo Single/Dual/Granat/Smoke

Wall Shot
Hack Title
Alt+Tab gk DC

Cara pake:
1.download cheat disini http://www.ziddu.com/download/11692301/jonita-zenix-hack-robot.rar.html
2. pass: jonitazenixrobot
3.Copas PointBlank.dll - PointBlank1.dll - PointBlank2.dll di Folder PB kalian
4.Buat yang gak work Hack title ama zenix, Install vcredist_x86 di Folder PB kalian

Zenix Hotkey :
- Misi Mayor
Hotkey [F1]
- Character Hide Viper, Skull Mask
Hotkey [F11]
- Character D-Fox Leopard, Skull Mask
Hotkey [F12]
-Rowdy Beast
Hotkey [Numpad1]
-Still Assassin
Hotkey [Numpad2]
-Shooting Star
Hotkey [Numpad3]
-Nimble Sneaker
Hotkey [Numpad4]
-Supreme Buster
Hotkey [Numpad5
-No Baret
Hotkey [Numpad0]
- Ammo Single/Dual/Granat/Smoke
Always [ON]
- Wall Shot
Always [ON]
-Enable Minimize

Nb: * Tekan hotkey berulang-ulang atau kalian tekan terus sampai terdengar bunyi Beep !!!

Credit : zenixVila

Hack Title Hotkey:

-Unlock all
Credit : Zenixvila
Jonita@N3 Hotkey:
-Misi Mayor:
Hotkey [F1]

Always [On]

-Unlimited Ammo
Always [On]
Download Credit By : Jonita

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nama fb saya : ardiansyahvan@yahoo.co.id

Hay fever and allergies - What can we do? by Ron Windred

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Hay fever and allergies - What can we do? by Ron Windred
in Spirituality / Metaphysical (submitted 2010-09-16)

Spring for all of its freshness, wonder and glory brings its own set of problems in the form of allergies, from mild bouts of hay fever and itchy eyes to full-on respiratory attack. Here are some of the things you can do to minimise or alleviate these unpleasant conditions.

Instant relief can be at hand at your local pharmacy in the form of antihistamines and eye drops. However I prefer to leave these as a last ditch stand in my quest for relief, but on those days where all else is still not providing relief, they are much better than heavy breathing, sniffling, sneezing and looking like you have been crying all day.

Natural alternatives for the above can be obtained at your local health food shop - herbs like Horseradish, Fenugreek seed, Marshmallow, Garlic and Echinacea are very effective at providing relief and in helping to boost your immunity. These are usually made up in effective combinations and sold in convenient tablet or capsule form. Another thing to look at is the use of a natural Nasal Spray. Saline (salt) solution is very effective used as an eye drop or wash to overcome itchiness and excessive watering of the eyes. Watch what you eat! Be observant of your diet and look out for reactions. Sometimes our allergies are exacerbated by certain foods, so if you notice a connection between what you're eating and an increase in allergy reaction, you can modify your diet for some relief.

Another thing to consider is drinking a glass of clean sea water daily. This will provide a complete mineral pill in natural proportion to help build your bodies defences. Or make your own solution by dissolving rock salt in water, called Solé (So-lay).

Look into your environment - Do that spring clean! Even though it creates allergy havoc while you are doing it, the removal of dust and mites etc can only improve the situation for the better. Plus it has a strong psychological effect.

Tip; clean or replace your air conditioner filter, and replace your vacuum cleaner filter. Take down your fly screens and wash them free of all dust and dirt.

Introducing an environment of negative ions can be quite effective. Look to utilising Himalayan Salt Lamps. Bring a big fresh improvement to your inside air quality by using these around your home and office. One in your main living area is good start, but one in every room is even better. Elanra™ negative ioniser machines are also very beneficial. These are also sold as a personal pendant that can be worn at all times.

Aromatherapy can provide positive assistance and perk up the surrounding area at the same time. Oils like Lavender, Eucalyptus, Camomile and Melissa dispersed into your space make an enormous difference in your reaction to irritants. It is especially helpful to use these in a steam inhalation. If this is inconvenient or you don't like the heat, try a little oil placed on a tissue or pad and sniff it as required. Sometimes it seems that an oil looses its effectiveness quite soon, so it is a good idea to alternate them throughout the season to maintain effective relief. Specialist suppliers also sell oil blends suitable to the occasion, or try blending your own combinations. Allergies can also be related to stress and some other oils that can be used are Bergamot, Clary, Neroli, Rose, Jasmine, Sandalwood and Ylang Ylang. NB Only pure essential oil will provide therapeutic benefits - fragrant or scented oil only provides odour.

Massage with any of these oils mixed into a massage oil can also be very helpful, as the oil absorbs into the bloodstream and often decreases the severity of allergic response. Crystals. Try carrying or wearing the following stones for relief from hay fever: Amber, Aquamarine, Blue Lace Agate, Jet, Tigers Eye, and Zircon. Allergy relief can also be obtained with Apophyllite, Danburite, Iolite, Lepidolite, Muscovite, Carnelian, Red Jasper, Chrysoprase and Cat's Eye. These same stones can be strategically placed around the home and office for beneficial effect. Use them in decorations, we took an old serving tray and filled it with clean sand and then placed various stones into an eye pleasing pattern that also provides the desired therapeutic result.

All of these can also be made into an elixir and sipped through-out the day. Full details on how to do this are covered in our article Crystal Remedies or Elixir Magic.

If you are a real sufferer, you may need to use the whole lot to get on top of it. And one last tip is to remember to breathe. When the irritation is getting on top of you and your stress levels are building, stop, take in a few deep breaths and do your best to relax, and remind yourself that this too will soon go away.

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